Circulation Service

Allows students (Fundamental, Diploma & Degree) to borrow 7 library books at any one time for a priod of 2 weeks. Master & PhD students to borrow 10 library books and academic staff members are allowed to borrow 12 library books for a month.



References Collection

Library materials like paper works, CD-Roms, Cassette tapes, videos and maps are part of a collection for reference rom. The library also provides and collection of past year examination questions for students to refer. Besides that, there is a collection of selected newspaper. These materials can not be borrowed and can only be used for reference purposes in the library.



Inter-Library Loan Service

The library provides inter-library loan service for the benefit of all academic staff and students. The service enables staff and students to borrow materials from other libraries which specialized, academic and private libraries.



Photostating Service

This service is provided in order to enable the academic staff and students to make photocopies of materials which cannot be borrowed. A self service photocopies machine is located at the first floor. All that is required is a registed which can be bought at the library counter. Users must first purchase the registed for RM10.00 or RM5.00. Users are reminded that they must not infringe the copyright law. The charge of price RM0.10 A4 paper size, Black & White.


OPAC Services

To facilities searching of books in the library, this service is also provided.


Internet Services

The service is provided for all library users in order to access information from internet.