List of Proceedings :

The Scientific Methodology of Al-Quran in Islamic Finance through the Maqasid Al- Shariah Theory
The Important of Islamic Retirement Planning in Malaysia
Evaluation of Ossc Service Quality Among Private Universities In Northern Malaysia: A Case Study of UniSHAMS
The Influence of Perception Towards Promotion and Self-Efficacy on Intention and Compliance Behavior of Income Zakat in Kedah, Malaysia
Diversion the Form of Restorative Justice in Juvenale Criminal Justice System
The Agreement of Umrah Pilgrimage With Umrah Travel Operators (According to PMA Number 8 Year 2018 and Sharia Economic Law)
Law Enforcement Strategies to Pollution and Damage Citarum River's Through the Principle Unity of Command : Indonesian Armed Forced Deployed To Clean Citarum River
The Role of International Law in Indonesia: Case Study on BPUPK/PPKI Session 1945
Pengaturan Dan Penggolongan Benda Pada Masa Yang Akan Datang Di Indonesia
Limitation on Foreign Labor in Indonesia
Fungsi Sertifikat Dalam Kepemilikan Tanah Di Indonesia
Philanthropy of Islam in Indonesia As Poverty Reduction Efforts in Indonesia
Kebijakan Aplikasi Penanganan Konflik Ideologi Pancasila Dalam Persfektif Filsafat Hukum
Perlindungan Hukum Dokter Dalam Perspektif Undang Undang Tentang Rumah Sakit
Criminal Law Policy toward the Nomination of Legislative Members in the Legislative Election in Indonesia
Legality Of Notary Deed Concerning The Joint Treasure
Legal Basics for the Establishment of The Interpretation of Pancasila
Contribution of Islamic Management in Building Ethics in Organizations